A Unique and Intimate Worship Experience
  1. What A Beautiful Name Hillsong 5:43
  2. Spirit Break Out Kim Walker 12:04
  3. Fall On Me Shekinah Glory 5:51
  4. You Know Me Bethel 5:41
  5. No Longer Slaves (We will not be shaken) Jonathan David & Melissa Hessler 6:09
  6. Secret Place Karen Clark-Sheard 5:31
  7. Intimacy Jonathan David Helser 5:04
  8. King of My Heart (You Are Good) Bethel - featuring Steffany Gretzinger & Jeremy Riddle 17:26
  9. Good Good Father Chris Tomlin 4:57
  10. God I Need You JoAnn Rosario 5:30
  11. So Amazing Kavahna Webb
  12. Abba Jonathan David Helser 5:02
  13. What I Do For You My Love David Brymer, Misty Edwards and Jacob Hanley 20:01
  14. Open Up the Gates Grace Williams with Rich Pino 6:46
  15. Beyond JoAnn Rosario 4:14
  16. Your Presence is Heaven to Me Israel Houston 9:03
  17. Reckless Love of God Bethel - Steffany Gretzinger 10:52
  18. Unstoppable Love Jesus Culture featuring Kim Walker 9:09
  19. Oceans Hillsong United 9:00
  20. Walk With Me Jesus Culture featuring Kim Walker 10:23
  21. Song of Solomon Martin Smith 6:27
  22. I Want To Be Just Like You Worship Melody 1:29
  23. A Beautiful Exchange Hillsong 9:56
  24. Chasing After You Tye Tribbett 6:45
  25. Anchor Hillsong 6:26
  26. Live Desperate For You AOH V1 10:29
  27. Live Mouthpiece AOH V1 6:48
  28. As We Enter In Jimmie Black 6:50
  29. Break Every Chain Jesus Culture 8:27
  30. Blessings and Honor Jimmie Black 9:01
  31. Bless You Lord Sherylann Bragton 4:00
  32. First Lauren Daigle 3:46
  33. Broken Vessels Hillsong Worship 9:29
  34. At The Cross Bethel 7:17
  35. Here I Am to Worship William McDowell 3:42
  36. Broken Vessels Hillsong United 9:29
  37. Oxygen Grace Williams 5:13
  38. Breathe Your Name Israel Houston & New Breed 10:29
  39. Deep Cries Out Bethel 5:10
  40. Come Invade Us Jimmie Black 6:49
  41. Come Alive Dry Bones Lauren Daigle 4:48
  42. Nothing More Beautiful Grace Williams 5:03
  43. Exponential Worship John Eckhardt 2012 29:41
  44. Fill Me Up Jesus Culture 6:41
  45. I Surrender Hillsong United 10:27
  46. Freedom Reigns Jason Upton 4:17
  47. Trust In You Lauren Daigle 3:33
  48. For Your Glory Tasha Cobbs 6:46
  49. I Need You JoAnn Rosario 8:00
  50. Fly (Heavenly Places) Jason Upton 12:57
  51. Spirit Come Grace Williams 5:12
  52. Come To Me Bethel Loft Sessions 4:17
  53. Send Revival Jimmie Black 10:28
  54. Promise Jimmie Black 9:59
  55. Fill Me Up Jesus Culture 6:41
  56. Don't Ever Let Go Grace Williams 6:43
  57. Heaven on Earth David and Nicole Binion 4:45
  58. Take Me Away Grace Williams 4:32
  59. Hosanna Hillsong United 6:12
  60. Holy Is The Lord Jimmie Black 6:40
  61. Healing Oil Grace Williams 4:14
  62. Break Every Chain Tasha Cobbs 8:18
  63. Freedom Reigns Jason Upton 8:06
  64. Our God is Greater Chris Tomlin 5:24
  65. Only You Hillsong United 5:47
  66. Set a Fire Jesus Culture and Martin Smith 4:58
  67. The Land (Being Our Mind) John Eckhardt - Prophetic Song 12:40
  68. Sons and Daughters Jason Upton 7:29
  69. Still Hillsong United 6:18
  70. YHWH Jimmie Black 7:39
  71. Take Me Away Grace Williams 4:32
  72. Pure Song Grace Williams 4:08
  73. All Things New Elevation Worship 6:56
Prophetic Worship is to adore reverently, to feel deep devoted love for, to regard with respect and with great awe and devotion as we " bow " before our King. Prophetic worship songs are a Must for every born again Christian. We know you will be blessed, delivered, renewed, strengthened, and endowed with the peace of God as you listen to these songs. For too long the body of Christ has been sitting, satisfied with the status quo in worship. Feeding her satisfaction with high quality sound and excellence in presentation, but the Lord is looking for so much more. It's time to tear down the walls of our differences and step out of comfortable entertainment based music within our fellowships and begin shaking the Heavenlies with Spirit led and intimate worship together as the united bride of Christ.

It is the sound of Christ beckoning His Bride. He is transforming and adorning us to reign with Him. That which He speaks we must receive and declare in Kingdom Power, Kingdom Authority and Kingdom Dominion as sons and daughters of the King. His word is living, powerful and surely is sharper than any two edged sword. His word is the foundation of prophetic worship that we bring to the Body. It is not only a word in due season but a song of declaration that releases a ''New Sound'' propelling us forward and upward in the realm of the spirit. It is the "liberty and freedom" of the Spirit being restored to the Church!

"Remember worship is not just an action it is a "Lifestyle"